Drawer Systems


Mylen offers a variety of quality drawer systems that are crucial to the longevity of your cabinets. Throughout the life of your cabinets, drawers are typically opened 7-10 times a day, or approximately 3500 times a year. Equally or maybe even more important than the actual drawer box itself is the runner used and how it is mounted to the drawer front. Let’s keep in mind that the runner is ultimately what gives you the smooth gliding operation everyone is looking for. It’s also the runner and mounting methods that more commonly experience failures caused by long-term repeated use, slamming of the drawer, and/or overweighting the drawer contents for the runners’ ability. For these reasons Mylen uses only Blum brand drawer runners and drawer fixing brackets. All Mylen’s runners carry a lifetime warranty and are fastened to the drawer fronts using dowels. All runners are load rated for 30KG spread out evenly throughout the drawer, while the runner is fully extended. Be careful that the load rating is specified when the drawer runner is fully extended, versus when the runner is closed when comparing competitive products. So what about the actual drawer box? Mylen’s drawer boxes are constructed using only full thickness material. This means that there are no 1/8” or 1/4” thick parts in your drawer. You can load rate the runner as high as you like, but if the drawer box can’t take the weight, the runner rating is a moot point. For the most part, the drawer box/runner you choose is directly related, as most runners are designed specifically for the drawer box you are using.

MetaboxMetaBox: This is Mylen’s most cost effective drawer system. Mylen’s MetaBox drawers are an off-white electrostatic coated drawer box assembled with full thickness bottoms and backs in either melamine or plywood finish, based on the case materials you have selected to use. These drawers run on a nylon open track system and are a standard ¾ extension without any soft close features. Add-on features for a soft close, as well as full extension, are available. Even though this drawer system is Mylen’s most cost effective option, the quality still surpasses most comparators systems and boasts a lifetime warranty to prove it!

AntaroAntaro: This is Mylen’s premier metal drawer system. These are the most commonly selected drawer type due to the cost/benefit ratio from their counterparts. Box sides are electrostatic coated and tracks are an anodized finish that will last a lifetime. All are assembled with full thickness bottoms and backs in either melamine or plywood, based on the case materials you have selected to use. These drawer boxes function smoothly and effortlessly thanks to the concealed nylon bearings and self-cleaning track system. They close quietly thanks to their integrated soft close feature which uses only air rather than the comparative oil or spring loaded systems. Full extension is standard, allowing full access to everything in your drawer, even the items at the back. Mylen offers this drawer in a standard grey colour, but options are available for white, black and stainless steel to suit your tastes perfectly.

tandemBox Style: This is the least cost effective drawer system but in terms of longevity is no different that its counterparts. This drawer system brags many of the same features as our Antaro system. The biggest difference is that the drawer boxes itself does not use steel sides and is fully constructed either out of plywood or melamine. When constructing out of plywood, the drawer box is available in two assembly methods; dovetail and dowel. Typically dovetail is the preferred option, as it adds aesthetic value and durability to the final product. If you are selecting melamine, the dowel option is the only available assembly method, as it is not possible to dovetail a melamine product. This drawer system is typically most functional where deep drawers with full height sides are a necessity.

Time to choose: Regardless of the drawer system you are choosing, you can rest assured that all come with a full offering of accessories such as utensil trays, dividers, filing options, etc… We recommend you choose a drawer system that suits your personal function needs, tastes, and budget. You really can’t go wrong!

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